SL320 Slotting Machine
As the largest SL320 Slotting Machine manufacturer in china, SJR Machinery Co., Ltd. sales quality SL320 Slotting Machine to customers all over the world.
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This vertical planing machine is suitable for vertical planing active surfaces of parts and notch etc.

The machine runs smoothly owing to it adopts double crank mechanism. The machine operates easily because motion of the working table is driven by electric motor.

It has a pump for lubrication and cooling cutting tool and workpiece.


  • Max slotting length:320mm
  • Number of ram reciprocation per minute:20,32,50,80
  • Inclination of ram:0°-8°
  • Vertical adjustment of ram:315mm
  • Diameter of table:630mm
  • Distance from tool holding surface to column front:600mm
  • Distance from table surface to ground:490mm
  • Max longitudinal travel of table:630mm
  • Max cross travel of table:560mm
  • Max rotary angle of table:360°
  • Range of longitudinal and cross:0.08-1.21mm
  • Range of rotary feeds of table:0.052°-0.783°
  • Max load of table:500kg
  • Power of main motor:3kw
  • Power of motor for rapid traverse:0.75kw
  • Speed of mian motor:960r/min
  • Overall dimensions:2261X1496X2246mm
  • Speed of motor for rapid traverse:1380r/min
  • Net weight:3100kg
  • Flatness of machined surfaces on tested workpiece:0.015mm
  • Verticality of machined surface on tested workpiece:0.025mm
  • Surface roughness on tested workpiece:6.3
  • Verticality of machined side surface on tested workpiece against base:0.02mm

Packing list:

  • 1.Main machine (the assembled column part) 1 set
  • 2.Instruction Manual 1 book
  • 3. Operator Manual 1 book
  • 4.Test Certificate 1 copy
  • 5.Packing List 1 copy
Total 2 cases, the second case
Case Dimensions (L x W x H ) : 300x150x230 cm
Gross Weight: 3300 kg
Net Weight:  3100 kg
Main machine (the assembled bed part) 1 set

Accessory parts box

  • 1.Handle (300mm length) 1pce
  • 2.Handle (280mm length) 1pce
  • 3.Ratchet wrench (380mm length) 1pce
  • 4.Square spanner (30x30) 1pce
  • 5.V-belt (B2794) 5pcs
  • 6.Foundation bolt (M24x800) 10pcs
  • 7.Finishing washer (24) 10pcs
  • 8.Hexagon nut (M24) 10pcs
  • 9.Adjustable pad 10pcs
  • 10.Front tool clamp 2 pcs
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