C-Z Interchangeable Roll Forming Machine

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C-Z quick interchangeable machine adopts a special structure. The rollers for C & Z are changed very quickly without dismantle any parts. One machine can produce all specifications of C & Z purlins. This machine adopts steel coils as material and gets profiled steel after the process of coiling, cutting, punching, and roll forming. Whole machine adopts PLC controlling, AC frequency speed regulating to fulfill the automatic production, which is very suitable for the metal cold rolled processing industry.

Profile drawing

This is standard drawing, will finalize with customer technical requirements.

Technical process

Passive uncoiling → feeding with guide → leveling → hydraulic punching → roll forming → hydraulic cutting→ output with table



Uncoilerpassive uncoiling, manual expanding

Weight capacity of uncoiler:5T

Inner diameter of steel coilΦ508mm

Expanding rangeΦ470-Φ530mm

Roll former machine stand

Machine standhigh quality welded profile steel with tempering treatment (CNC Planer type milling, with locating slot)

Guide feeding

Lateral idler rollers type (there are left and right oriented guide rollers at the feed port, while feeding; the strip will go through the oriented guide rollers to the main roll forming machine. The left and right guides position can be adjusted by hand screw individually. The guide rollers are with quenching treatment.

leveling unit

Leveler:two rollers for feeding and five rollers for leveling

Motor of leveler:4KW

Diameter of leveling roller:about 80mm

Material of leveling roller:high quality 40Cr

Heat treatment of leveling roller:surface high frequency quenching treatment

Reduction box:Cycloid

Hydraulic punching

Punching unithydraulic, 2 stations

Punching mould: 2 (holes can be adjusted)

Material of up/down mouldCr12MOV

Heat treatment of mouldquenching HRC58-60

Punching tolerance: ±1mm

Motor of hydraulic system11KW3 circuits

Magnetic valveHUADE24V safe voltage

Hydraulic oil pumpplunger pump

Hydraulic system has air cooling

6 roll forming unit

Roll stands adopt cast iron single station which is most heavy and strong.

Auto size changing schematic diagram

Material of roller shaft40Cr with heat treatmentHB220-260

Diameter of roller shaftΦ75

Motor power of main forming machine18.5KW

Transverse moving motors0.75KW*2 (for adjusting height), 1.5KW*1(for adjusting width)

Forming speed0-18m\minnot includes punching and cutting time

Forming steps16 steps + some auxiliary rollers

Thickness of material1.0-3.0mm

Tolerance of cutting length±1.5mm

Roll former1 setdifferent specification is achieved by stand transverse moving

Material of rollerGCr15 with quenching treatmentHRC58-62

Main machine size: 11000mmx1960mmx1300mm

C and Z interchange manually. But C purlin and Z purlin each size changed automatically

Motor for transverse moving: 3KW(0.75x2+1.5KWx1)

Hydraulic universal cutter

Cutting wayhydraulic, after forming, and universal sizes

Material of cutter bladeCr12MOV

Heat treatment of mouldquenching HRC58-60

Cutting tolerance: ±1mm

Output tables  2000mm long * 2 pcs

Electrical controlling system

TransducerYaskawa, Japan

Computer adopts PLC, Panasonic, Japan

Operating boardMCGS

EncoderKOYO, Japan

Relay: Chint

Equipment includes

This equipment includes uncoiler, main roll forming machine(with feeder, leveler, roll former, hydraulic punching and cutting), receiving table, hydraulic system, electrical control system and so on.

Delivery time70 days

Price: USD45, 000.00(FOB Shanghai port)

This price is only valid for 15 days.


Manufacturer is available to dispatch technician(s) to buyer’s factory for machine installation, commissioning and worker training.

Buyer affords two-way air tickets, local accommodation and service charge at US$100/day/per technician.